Summer Camp

For the Summer Camp 2022 BB Sports Management will team up with Viima Hockey.

Viima considers all aspects of player development and thinks each element affects the other. Only by developing the player holistically can the player develop optimally. By training all aspects, Viima can achieve a so-called “recurring development”: the development of one area also affects other areas.

The coaching improves skating, shots, puck handling, feeding, observation, decision-making ability, general motor skills, and physical performance.

The summer camp will take place from 11. – 30.7.2022 in the newly opened ice rink in Matinkylä Espoo and will consist of a daily on- and off-ice block, as well as one skills training session.

The layout of the new ice rink in Matinkylä/Espoo.

If you have any questions contact us a camp(@)