Bernd Brückler

About us

BB Sports Management has been supporting players and coaches in over 20 countries since 2016 – this generates an extensive network of professional contacts and consequently opportunities for each of our clients. At BB Sports, we attach great importance to looking after our clients as individually as possible and offering them high-quality services.

BB Sports Management turns the complexity and potential of the world of sports into opportunity! We support our clients through every phase of their career so that they can maximize their potential and reach their set goals.

You need a game plan for success – there are no magic buttons to push in business. You have to be able to read the data and understand the facts. In BB Sports, we don’t just see what is happening, but we try to anticipate what will happen.

We can see where markets are going and seize opportunities. Today changes are occurring rapidly and the window for opportunity is short. It’s our job to anticipate the next pitch. We translate opportunity into success.

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